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Who Else Is Lying to Us About Resume?

Who Else Is Lying to Us About Resume? For many internet marketing positions, it is a requirement, while its stated upfront or not. There are lots of standard kinds of resumes used to make an application for job openings. You submitted an on-line application. Writing a strong application is a challenging procedure and we would like to make it simpler. ur resume builder is the quickest approach to create a resume that can help you get your fantasy job. Resume editing service must have some crucial characteristics to assure the success rate in line with the needs of new trends. Resumes could be organized in various ways. Understanding how to tailor your resume will obviously provide you an advantage. Creative While its important to get a professional resume, sometimes just a little creativity and innovation is suitable. The subject of information technology gets more important each and every day. Training truly is a learning process which involves gaining of knowledge, shar pening of skills, concepts and changing of attitudes and behaviors to improve the operation of the employees which then enhances the operation of the organization. Job seekers deserve to locate decent content quickly. A work description is utilised to measure up what you have with whats wanted. Dont make the error of answering each job posting with the exact same generic resume. Besides searching for jobs online, youll also likely wind up applying for jobs online. Theres no doubt that a resume which is both cohesive and professional will have a much better probability of standing from the crowd even supposing its made utilizing a template. You may now look for a job sitting comfortably at your own house. Therefore, if youre seriously searching for a new job or work change, get registered in the free resume post websites. An excellent editing job will take just a little longerand some particular tactics intended to catch resume errors.

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One Easy Tip About Making Free Resumes Unveiled

One Easy Tip About Making Free Resumes Unveiled Using resume filtering software may give your company a tremendous boost. Templates have proven results to make an amazing resume. Employing a resume schablone is now an acceptable and smart practice for numerous reasons. Writing resume with the assistance of resume templates readily available on the net is easily the most efficient method of writing resumes that ensure that youre using the perfect format and correct information thats appropriate for the job youre applying for. You will also receive a notion of the way to present your skills in your student resume. Resume writing isnt as simple as it sounds. You may display your work history, but in plus-rechnen fill in more space by talking about your abilities and other knowledge youve got. Making Free Resumes No Longer a Mystery Your resume is supposed to secure you a work interview. If you wish to receive a work soon or are searching to change your work then you want to take into account the resume. Make certain the skills are related to the job that you desire. My occupation is to help them decide what type of decisions they need to make and where should they focus their attention in the approaching years. You should first decide on a sample resume which best suits you. A free resume template is a kind of basic sample for a resume that an individual might want to develop. Free resume samples might be perceived to be useless, because they are well, free. There are several free resume samples or templates readily available online, which make it simple and convenient for somebody to modify one according to their very own requirements. Resumes give potential employers a means to learn about applicants quickly and readily, and theyre your very first step toward new job opportunities. They should have no experience for specific. Templates in precisely the generic cv template example of free to assist you submit your upcoming employer. Ther e are a lot of reasons why templates are important in regards to resume creation. There are various templates that you are able to use to develop the resume. You will be glad to know that there are going to be examples of resumes that you are able to look at to receive a concept of the greatest template to use. Waiting on big purchases for quite a few days prevents an impulse buy. It is extremely easy today to discover examples of resumes online. It can be quite beneficial to find out more about the item you wish to purchase and compare prices online on sites like Amazon before purchasing the item in the shop. Resumes are vital in the present competitive sector. Free resume template for children. Completely free cv can be used soon. While there are lots of expert CV and resume writing services available on the web, and theyll certainly do the task for you, it is going to cost you to have a resume written for you in particular. While there are lots of expert CV and resume writing services available on the web, and theyll certainly do the task for you, it is going to cost you to get it written for you in particular. So the best plan of action is to just be sure you customize the example resume to your own info and double check it before you submit it to a possible employer. Resume is not merely a document. however, it defines you and is the very first important key that ensures your prospective employer takes interest in you. By using the examples of resumes, you wont only be in a position to add correct and precise data in your resume but will likewise be able to impress your prospective employer. You are going to have a resume in no time and will have the ability to create the application in the suitable moment.

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Why Flexibility Matters To Your Recruitment Strategy - Spark Hire

Why Flexibility Matters To Your Recruitment Strategy - Spark HireWhether you are looking to hire a chef, developers, or any other employee, it is important to be flexible to get better outcomes from your candidates and employees. This is the reason a flexible staffing technique can serve your associations needs with better ROI.The threats of an unbending staffing systemSuperficially, hiring and laying off employees is a natural response for organizations attempting to adjust employee headcount to coordinate business opportunities. The awful outcome is a dispirited, troublesome cycle of hiring, cutbacks, followed by mora hiring.What is flexible staffingA better approach is the utilization of a flexible staffing model that involves a dynamic cocktail of permanent employees and highly skilled temporary experts. It empowers organizations of all sizes to adjust to diminishing hiring needs dependent on what their workload demands.A flexible recruitment methodology permits you a chance to t hink all the more holistically, rather than hurriedly finding a substitution contract or permanent employees for a new opportunity or unexpected project. It allows you to think about how your needs may have changed since a lage was last filled or whether a new project is best tended to with 100% permanent jobs or a mix of permanent and temporary workers. That way, you can time your employment strategy to pull in the right skills your business needs, at the right time.Keys to flexible recruitmentThere are six noteworthy reasons a flexible staffing methodology works for private venturesYou set aside cash. Keeping up a mix of permanent and contract employees empowers you to transform a portion of your fixed staff costs into variable costs by paying just for the employees you need when its required. Likewise, youll bring down the staggering expenses related to hiring and training new employees while getting control over the time new hires cost your company.You improve your aggressive po sition. A flexible recruitment system gives you more power over your headcount. This means a favorable position over competitors whose unbending work structure makes them increasingly vulnerable to financial highs and lows.You improve retention. A transitory/permanent mix gives security to central employees inside the association during a downturn. When employees see they are not laid off when times are tough, it can help boost retention.You free up permanent employees. Tapping the abilities of temporary experts to help with everyday group obligations permits central staff to seek progressively more complex difficulties and once in a while, get some much-needed rest.You can give it a shot to potential employees. A flexible recruitment plan enables you to watch and assess temporary experts youve drawn in and decided their fit with your center group. Having the chance to survey a potential employee firsthand gives unquestionably more understanding of their cultural fit.You dont have a pro, yet you need one. On the off chance an activity requires particular, specialized information that you dont have in-house, you can find project or interval experts with broad skills in such territories, a large number of whom have picked this profession as a result of the flexibility and variety of assignments it offers.Consider hiring a recruiting firmIn a perfect world, you would probably like some assistance in hiring permanent employees as well, because selecting is so tedious.Specialists at a particular recruitment consultancy can enable you to find top temporary, contract-to-hire, and permanent experts more rapidly and effectively than you could alone. The best firms have long track records of placing applicants who are motivated to perform and appropriate to a specific working environments culture.Leading recruitment firms ordinarily approach an enormous pool of candidates and can quickly pull together a lot of applicant profiles for you to browse, facilitating the hirin g process. Working with a recruitment organization enables you to make sense of what mix of experts you need, including permanent, low maintenance, or transitory staff. Smart recruitment experts frequently distinguish candidates who arent effectively searching for a new position, however, may be keen on working for you too. These passive candidates are especially valuable when looking for experts in the ebb and flow of skills you currently lack.About the AuthorKyra is a Hiring Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency Best Agency To Find A Chef For Your Restaurant. She specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. You can connect with Alliance Recruitment Agency on Facebook or Twitter.

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Customize this Outstanding Catering Manager Resume Template

Customize this Outstanding verpflegung Manager Resume TemplateCustomize this Outstanding Catering Manager Resume TemplateWriting the Catering Manager TemplateCreate Resume A well-written resume is crucial for getting a potential employers attention. Your resume should not only have relevant content, but the format is just as important to put forward a professional image for Catering Manager positions. Use the following template as a guideline to help you format a winning resume.Resume Template for Catering ManagerJohnathan BoardsmanProfessional SummaryExperienced Catering Manager with event management experience in both hotels and traditional restaurants. Proven ability to manage all aspects of the catering environment from menu planning to food waste management. Committed to superior customer service, working with clients from the first meeting all the way through their event.Core QualificationsHospitality ManagementEvent Management and Catering SoftwareMenu PlanningQuality Assuran ceClient Satisfaction MonitoringHuman ResourcesSupply Ordering and InventoryHealth and Safety RegulationsExperienceCatering Manager, July 2006 PresentConrad Hotels Resorts America, IndianaOversee external and internal catering eventsDevelop comprehensive marketing plan for the catering departmentOrganize staff rotations and scheduling as well as hiring and recruitingManage food cost control, labor costs and general operations from planning to tear down of eventsBanquet Supervisor, May 2003 June 2006Red Lion Hotels Seattle, WashingtonManaged staff during hotel banquet eventsPerformed load in and loud out of event equipmentEnsured food safety through regular temperature monitoring and proper food handlingServed as point of contact for clients during catered eventsEducation2005 Bachelors Degree, Hospitality ManagementSouth Seattle College Seattle, WashingtonCustomize Resume

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Proactively Connect with Top Talent with Talent CRM

Proactively Connect with Top Talent with Talent CRMProactively Connect with Top Talent with Talent CRMProactively Connect with Top Talent with Talent CRMNearly 50% of recruiters report that they are dissatisfied with their current recruiting tools.1What if you had a tool that could instantly reach qualified candidates with targeted katecheses and custom recruitment campaigns?By attending this webinar, youll learn about latest recruiting tool Talent CRM. With Talent CRM, you can create automated campaigns that work 24/7 to provide you with interested and qualified candidates. By adding Talent CRM to yur recruitment strategy, youll be able toSpend less time messaging candidates with automated, recurring campaignsReach mora candidates with increased candidate pool Analyze campaign response with real-time .liteRegSubHeaderArea margin-bottom0px importantAbout the PresenterAndy Fercu, Product Manag er, Monster As an innovation leader at Monster, Andy is responsible for developing the next generation of candidate sourcing tools for employers. He previously released Power Resume Search and Cloud Solutions, which use our powerful 6Sense semantic search technology to find candidates without the need of complex Boolean queries. Andys most recent work combines the power of 6Sense search with CRM technology used in sales and marketing organizations to more than double candidate response rates.Webinar Transcript Talent CRMAndy is an innovative leader in this space. He has worked to develop this product, along with some other products here at that well taking you through. My background is a recruiter by trade. Prior to becoming a leader at Monster, I welches in the trenches working as a recruiter. I spend my time now traveling the country, talking to recruiters, and understanding what your needs are, what the right workflow is, and how I can bring that information back to so that we can help you more. Today, the world of a recruiter is increasingly complex. Its not just complex considering what recruiters do day to day, but also because there are a lot of tools out there. From talking to recruiters and understanding different studies and information, we know that there are too many tools. The ones that you have are not making you efficient, and some of those tools arent saving you time. Our aim is for you to have a tool that can get you to the right people quickly, so that you can get on with your daily responsibilities. The way were going to do this is with our Talent CRM tool, which is what we want to talk about.The Talent CRM has the ability to send bulk homilies out to all of the millions of people that are in resume database. When youre sending behauptung glaubenszeugniss, its important not just to send them, but also to understand how you can have the right glaubenszeugnis and outreach to get the response that youre looking for. Were going to show you the tool itself, and at the end, Im going to talk to you about how to write a good message. This is applicable to this tool, but also to any time youre doing any sort of messaging campaign. When we look at talent CRMs, this is our sourcing tool that gives you the ability to build a campaign to send messages to the people that are in database, and also to those who have their resume public, as well as the 30 percent on top of that that may not actually even post their resume publicly today. Theyre just having it in there so that they can send it to job applications and those types of things. These are people that no other tool has the capability of tapping into. When youre doing these messages, you also have the ability to have it automated. So that once you build that message, you can send a follow-up automated outreach so that you can continue to connect with people even as you sleep. It also relies upon our sixth sense semantics search technology, which is the same technology thats b ehind our power resume search and cloud search tools. You can use that so that you can match the right candidate to the campaigns and the messages that you want to send.When we think about recruiters and how you go about getting to the right candidates today, there are a couple of different paths to get there. One of these is to put out a job advertisement and have people respond back to you, which is great because you get lots of interested candidates. Your task as a recruiter is trying to get through all of those so you get to the right candidate that you want, but you have to wait for them to find that message and be able to connect with them. On the flip side of that, you could also go in and search for resumes and be able to pinpoint exactly the people that you want. When youre doing that, though, you have to do it one by one, so it can be a time-consuming process. The thing thats so great about Talent CRM is that it sits in this nice in-between where you can launch a campaign that targets those right candidates in the database, but also sends the right message that you would have in an advertisement, so that those candidates who are interested and qualified are able to respond. When we look at a CRM tool, this isnt really what you think of as a Customer CRM. We like to think of it as a Candidate CRM tool. Its a way for recruiters at your organization to be able to reach out to everybody, and also to track what that means and what kinds of response rates that theyre getting as well.When we look at the response rates that we get from Talent CRM, we actually have found that you will get more than two times on average the click rates than your industry standard CRM messages. The reason for this is that we have a perfectly poised audience that receives these messages, and also because we can have rich text, links, and engagement within those messages. In order to get to that more than two times click rate, it is important for you to have the right messages an d understand the best structure of that message. Well take you through that as well today. I think that that binnenbinnenbinnenlandlandseeing it really makes a difference. Im going to hand it over to Andy, whos going to show you this ordnungsprinzip in action.Awesome. Thanks, Lisa.All right, thanks.All right, so you guys should be able to see my screen now. What Ive done here is Ive logged into Monster. After I logged into Monster, I went to Candidates, and went to Talent CRM. Here youre going to see a list of all the campaigns that Ive created in the past. So youll actually be able to see all the campaigns that youve created and how well theyve done. The first thing that youll probably notice is the fact that we display the opening click rate. This sort of functionality is what really adds a whole lot of value to this product. Later in this call, youre going to hear how Lisa has come up with various techniques to maximize your opening click rate. What were seeing, because now we ha ve this data, is how some of those changes really make a big difference to how many candidates come back. The first thing that youre going to see is that you have each of these campaigns. Youll see the title of the campaigns. For instance, here we have sales in Boston and sales in New York. Youre going to see the number of candidates messaged, so you see that we messaged about 3,000 on these campaigns. We messaged about 100 and 830 on these ones here. Youll also see the date that the campaign were sent, and the date that they were processed.Then youll see the opening click rate, which will show you the percentage opened, the percentage clicked and also the fixed value. The way that we track an open is essentially whenever a candidate looks at the message. Thats considered an open. If theyve opened it up on their mobile phone, if they looked at it on Monster, if theyve looked at the resume within their Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo, we know that theyve looked at the message. This is a pre tty sophisticated system that essentially sends information back to our servers and we know that this specific user has looked at this message at this specific time. That way we can display this information back to you, so that you know how many people have even looked at your message. The thing that impacts the open rate is really the subject. The subject line is what really attracts someone to look at the message, to open the message and see what you have to say. The body of the message is what impacts the click rate. If you have a really nicely styled body with bullet points, and it really attracts the customers attention and is properly targeted, that seeker is going to reply back to you. Theyre going to reply back to you either in the system, or theyre going to reply back on their mobile device or through Outlook.Regardless of whatever means they use to reply, they can reach back to you, and you will get that message within your message center up here, in the top right, you wil l see this little envelope and it will also go to your personal schmelzglas. As you have the conversation back and forth, the content is stored within the message center, so you have a full record of that conversation. You could also reply back from Monster, or you can reply back through your personal schmelzglas, whether its Outlook or mobile. Regardless of how you reply or how the candidate replies, the click rate meakoranverss the number of people out of the original number of candidates that youve messaged that have replied back to you or that have clicked on a link within your message. Sometimes you might want to send a link to your job posting, for instance, or to your applicant tracker system or whatever you want to send them. When they click on that link, its going to count towards a click. The click number shows 372 candidates that either clicked on your link or replied back to you.So how do you set up a campaign? Its actually really simple. All you have to do is click the Create Campaign button, and after doing so, its going to ask you to give your campaign a name. Here, I want to give my campaign the name of Software Engineers in Boston, and Im going to enter in my search criteria. This search criteria runs off of our sixth engine. Its a semantic search engine, and its the same one our Power Resume search runs on, if you guys are familiar with that product. If I type in software engineer, its going to automatically search candidates that match this concept, but not necessarily this keyword. Its going to look for people who have the title of software developers, software architects, and everything that matches this concept of a software engineer. Using the other search functionality, Im also going to search Boston. I am running on a bit of a development environment here so we might get some kind of funky results. As I perform my searches, though, youre going to see that you have a search result here. Youll have a certain number of candidates that ret urn as part of your search. So right now chose no matches, but youre going to get over 1,000 candidates. You going to have the full candidate pool that displays in the search results.Also here, youre going to see some other boards. So you have ATF candidates and company employees. This is a part of another product that we offer, which is Cloud CRM. Its essentially the bigger brother of Talent CRM that displays the candidates from your applicant tracker system. We pulled the data in from all these other sources, and we gave you the choice to search all of them, all at once. After you perform your search, you can see that theres certain criteria thats available. You can see a preview of the type of candidate that comes back. I didnt enter my search criteria, but you have all sorts of folks that come back in numerous locations. You can choose to either increase or decrease the number of candidates you message. So here Im going to decrease this. You can click once and itll change it by every 25, or you can hold it down. Here you can see that I chose to message no one from my company employees board. Im going to message about 300 from the ATF candidates. Once you find out the number of candidates you want to message and which boards you want to hit, you can then go ahead and specify your actual message. Here, Im going to bring down my drop down with templates, and it will pre-fill my message area with content that I specified. You can create templates, however many you want, and you can do that by selecting this check box. This will let you save messages as a template and specify a template name for your messages.One thing that youll see thats very different from the other tools we offer is that it allows for rich text messaging. Here, you can see that Ive changed the text into a red color. You see that I was able to bold, and that I was able to add bullets. I was able to add a link, which I can hover over. Youll see them with the mouse pointer. Itll do a lot of re ally great things for you to actually style this message to look like something that is easy to read. In doing so, youre going to see that your click rate is going to increase. The average industry click rate right now is around 3 percent based on MailChimps numbers for the recruitment space. The click rate that weve seen for this tool has been more than double that, and its partially attributed to the capability to create these messages that are easy to read. People actually want to read further, and they get enticed into actually performing the action that you want them to do, which is clicking on the link to take them to your job posting or replying back to you. Ultimately, thats what we want. We want people to come back to us and to apply to our jobs. So this tool does a really great job at doing that.Now that Ive specified my message, I can actually set this campaign to run automatically. Right now, by default its set to run only once, but I can choose to run this campaign ever y day, or every five days, or every ten days, for up to 30 days. What this is going to do is every day is message new candidates that match your criteria every single day. One thing that youll notice is that there is a daily send limit. Theres a certain limit that you can always send a certain number of messages per day, and this in on a per recruiter basis. This limit is set anywhere from 100 to 1,000. Its completely based on your ability as a recruiter to send good messages, so its based on an open and click rate. We take the average of that open click rate over the past 30 days. If you pass a certain threshold, youll get either 100, 500, or 1,000 messages. I would say that the vast majority, or 70 to 80 percent, of our users are at the 500 level, but we do have a lot of really great users are at the 1,000 level. We also have some folks that are at the 100 level. If youre a recruiter at the 100 level, we do offer best practices documentation. Essentially in every single situation of folks who dont have good open click rates, its because the messaging isnt good enough. Lisas going to go over what it means to create a good message and what really impacts that response rate. With Talent CRM, youre actually going to be able to see how changing the message is going to impact your click rate. The difference that weve seen is actually very, very drastic. Some people go from going from like a 1 to 2 percent click rate, and then theyll go all the way up to a 25 percent click rate. It all depends on how well you are targeting through your search and how well you are at messaging, or creating the message subject and the message body. Also, there are other factors of course, like the location, the number of tenants in the pool based on the job title, and all sorts of other things. One thing that weve seen since launching this product, though, is that we have way more control than we originally thought that we did in getting the responses back, which is really fantastic. Now that Ive set this campaign to run every day for 30 days, Im going to go into my settings at the top right, and Im going to check my duplicate settings. So right now you have the ability not to message the same candidates more than once. This is on by default, so its going to exclude candidates that youve already messaged. There may be some situations, however, where you want to message the same folks again as part of the same campaign. Thats perfectly okay. You can do that. You can choose not to exclude candidates that youve messaged, but this is on by default. You can choose to exclude for the brde week or the brde month. One feature that we are really excited about thats coming in in a week and two days here is the ability to exclude candidates that anyone at your company has messaged. So now you as a company can really make aya that youre hitting the same candidate only once, even though you have five, 10, 15, 20, 100, or 300 different recruiters going out there and creating these campaigns. Once I set my duplicate checking, what I am going to do is enable one last feature here.The last feature that you see available is the ability to add a follow-up message. Currently, when you send out a message to a candidate, you have to keep track of who you messaged, and you have to say, Okay, I messaged this person on this date, and I got a response from them or I didnt get a response from them. I have to go into my messages, see if Ive gotten that response, and if I havent, now I can follow up, which is a really time-intensive process. Its prone to error. Its very complicated. The system can do this for you. What you can do is you can enable the five-day message or the 10-day message, or both the five-day and the 10-day message. What the system will do is know whether or not this candidate has responded back to you, whether theyve performed a click and gone to your job posting, or theyve replied back to you. The system knows that they performed that action. That s great. Theyve performed the action that we want them to do, so we dont need to hit them again. If they havent performed a click action, if they havent even looked at it, or theyve opened it but havent performed that click action, its going to send them a follow-up message. Were going to send them that follow-up message either five days after the original message, or 10 days after the original message.Here, you can choose the same templates that you had access to before. Here, Im going to choose the five-day follow-up message. Youre going to see that its much shorter than the original message, so maybe they were too afraid by the amount of text, so weve added that. Another thing that were going to do here is were going to change the subject, and were going to reference whatever the position might be that Im hiring for, so lets say software engineers Reminder Looking for software engineers in Boston. This subject line is going to convert really well. The fact that I put reminder in there is a little trick that weve found over the last couple of weeks. Paul, from Lisas, team, has gone out there and has worked with a bunch of customers to see what converts and what doesnt. He found that adding reminder greatly increases the chances that youre going to get response from the customers. I keep saying customer, for the seeker. Thats one of those nice little tips and tricks that really help. If I went in there and added a 10-day follow-up, with the subject in all caps like LOOKING FOR CANDIDATES, this isnt going to convert very well. One thing that weve seen is that candidates dont really respond very well to all caps. Even worse is multiple punctuation marks, which Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, and all these Internet email providers dont convert. What do they do? They take this message, and they dont even display it to the candidate. Theyre going to automatically put it within the spam folder.So what you message really does matter, and this system really helps yo u. By showing you the conversion, its showing you whats working and whats not. Also we have a best practices document that we can share. That also will give you a lot of this information. Lets say that I have my messages, and my campaign looks great. Im going to click on submit. In doing so, it shows me how my message displays, both on desktop and on mobile. On desktop, I see that it looks pretty okay. Its pretty text-intensive. On mobile, though, Im seeing that the subject heading is actually quite large. Its taking up probably about 20 percent of my mobile screen. Im going to want to really convert them to scrolling more, so Im going to take some of this out maybe, and keep the rest of the message. This page is also going to tell me the name of their campaign, the number of candidates that its being sent to, and a bunch of really great information. If everything looks good, Im going to go ahead and click departure campaign. Here, youre going to see a red warning. Dont worry about that. Thats just because Im on a demo account. Its essentially saying that Im not going to actually message any seekers. You wont see that, so dont worry. Im going to click create campaign. In doing so, its going to begin processing the campaign, and its going to take me back to the dashboard view. There Im going to see that campaign being created, the 300 candidates Im messaging, and my opening click rate. This is real time, so as I refresh the page, Im going to see this number increasing. Now again, this is a demo environment. Because its a demo environment, we do pre-fill the opening click rate just to give you an idea of what it looks like. When you create the campaign, at the beginning it will look like 0 percent open and 0 percent click. As people get back and perform actions, though, youre going to see those numbers increasing. So now this campaign is going to go out there, and every single day, its going to message candidates.When you purchase Talent CRM, you purchase one li cense for Talent CRM, and it becomes available to all that recruiters across that have access to Monster. So if you have 10 recruiters, 10 people will have access to Talent CRM. If you have 300 recruiters, 300 people will have access to Talent CRM. You do have the option to choose who gets access and who doesnt, if you only want a certain subset of users to have access to it. It doesnt impact the price, though. It doesnt impact anything. Its just personal choice, so its slightly different from the way that we have our other tools. The other thing to note is that we do sell it based on inventory. So the more recruiters you have, the more inventory youll need. The inventory essentially is subtracted whenever a candidate is messaged. So if you messaged 100 people today, its going to hit those 100. Its going to message those 100, and its going to subtract 100 inventory. Another good thing to note is that when you message candidates using the follow-up, it does not use inventory or your daily limits. Follow-up messages are completely free, and their whole purpose is to maximize your click rate, which they do an absolutely fantastic job at.Part of the reason is because people like to see that they are following up. These seekers are getting hit pretty often, I would say, so you want to give yourself a competitive advantage against other people who are messaging these very same candidates, regardless of whether theyre on or another tool. A great way to do that is to give them follow-up messages. It makes you seem like youre not an automated system, but of course the irony of it all is that it is an automated system thats saving you time. Weve seen a really great conversion. As I said, our conversion is two to three times that of the industry average, and were seeing a really great success with this tool in getting back candidates. With that said, I have this campaign running. Lets say that its already filled, but its set to automatically message people every day. Tha t is perfectly okay. I can go back in, and I can click on the campaign. I can choose not to recur, so its not going message more people. Im going to click save, and then this campaign is no longer going to message new people. Ultimately, you could use that same activity to restart the campaign. I can go back in there, and lets say the person accepted the position. I stopped my campaign, but then they never actually came on board. Thats perfectly okay. I can come back, and I can choose to run this campaign every day. I dont have to specify my message, and I dont have to specify my search criteria. Its going to automatically go out there, and its going to start messaging people.Thats all I had for you guys for the demo. Its actually a really simple product to use. Its really, really very good at getting back search results and getting back candidates to respond. When they respond, you will see them within your message center. You go up here in your envelope, and you click on the candi date. You will get the candidate in your email as well, so dont worry about that. Youll see the full thread of whats going back and forth here. Youll be able to add notes. Also, it has a great candidate management capability, whether its a public note or a private note. You can see all the activity that has been taken by either you or other recruiters in the company. You can see the individual opens, the individual clicks, whether other people have messaged them, whether theyve been added to a folder, and all sorts of great activity right here. You can use this, by the way, in your messaging. If you see that someones opened the message 20 times within the course of a week before they replied, you know theyre kind of on the fence before you reply back to them. Youre going to have to work a little bit harder in your reply. If you just seeing that someone replied right away, they might be a little bit more eager to hear back from you. You probably you dont have to put as much effort in to it.Lastly, we display the resume for you right here, so you dont have to go in and perform a search just to get the resume. Its all for you, and you can access it. You can copy and paste directly from here into your message reply, where you have the ability to do the same rich text capabilities. Another last thing to know is you can actually see if this candidate is in your folders. You can click on the folder to view the candidate folder, or you can add them to a folder. There are a lot of really great candidate management capabilities from here. With that said, thats all I had for you guys for the demo. Lisas going to talk to you guys about how to best use this tool and how to best message, in general. Lisa, Im going to pass you the ball here, so that you can go through the rest of this.Great, thank you so much Andrew. As Andrew stated, its important not only to have a system to message, but also to be sending the right messages. Think about what it is were putting in these ema ils and the campaigns that were building to engage with the audiences that are out there. Here are a couple of quick things to think about and think through as you are building campaigns. One of the most critical pieces of any campaign is the subject line, because if someone doesnt open the message that you have, theyre never going to be able to respond to it or take any action thats in there. In order for them to open it, theyve got to be compelled by that subject line that you put up. The number one rule of thumb here is you want to make aya that the display on it is less than 50 characters. One of the most important things to keep in mind for all parts of building a good email campaign is that 49 percent of emails are initially read on a mobile device. Youve got limited real estate in terms of whats coming up when someone is scrolling through your message. Always keep that in the back of your mind. Keeping your subject line short and sweet speaks directly to that.Its also importa nt to put localization in there. If you have an opportunity thats in a specific area, provide that in the subject line. Not only is that informative to the person reading it on the other end, but it also makes it seem custom to them. People get a lot of emails, but if I see an email thats something talking about my local area, then I know that that was made just for me. Also, refrain from using punctuation or other non-text characters in your subject line. Even though it may seem good to want to build excitement with an exclamation point, that really can deter people from opening it or get it caught up in spam filters. Really, the best subject lines tell whats inside without overselling it, so dont get too salesy in your pitch. Just be simple, be concise, and put whats in there, just enough for them to want to open it up and learn more.Now, once someone does open your message, you want to think about whats in the body of your email. One of the most important things to think about is to have information restating the opportunity thats from the headline at the top of the body. Give that initial sales statement. Your content design should really be tight, again, keeping in mind that people are reading this on mobile first. With any job content, whether that is an email message or a job advertisement, you always want to speak in the perspective of the candidate first. What is it thats going to be important to them? Dont start with what it is you need, but rather start with what theyre going to get, why they should take this opportunity, and what is this job really about. We dont just want to sell the company. We want to sell the job, because people work for people, and its important for them to have that personal connection. So have relevant information to the job seeker in the email bodies there. Keep it compelling, but again, keep it brief. I cant emphasize this enough.You should also always have a call to action. Whether its reply to me and send me your resume, or if tell me if you want to send a link with more information about the opportunity. Do it there, but dont send them just to a link thats your home page. Then you have to think about the landing page that youre sending them to. If youre sending them to a home page, thats not really a call to action. Thats a call for them to try and figure out where they need to go, and to find more. Make sure that the page youre sending them to grabs attention, tells them what they need to do, and tells them how they need to apply. Again, make sure that its mobile friendly. Just keep in mind that 50 percent of people that do that initial click may actually read that landing page once theyre there. The easier you make it for them to have a clear call to action, to capture their information, and to capture their attention, the more chance youre going to get to have someone that will engage with your opportunities so that you can really find that talent.The other thing to always keep in mind when you re writing any message is spam filters. The spam filter is there to ensure that people arent getting spammed, because nobody likes spam. There are certain words that will trigger your message to go into that spam folder. Here at Monster, we spend a great deal of time ensuring that our messages arent getting put into spam folders, because people who have come to us and given us their information have said that we will get into the regular email inbox and not to the spam filter. Putting these types of words in there, though, may actually still drive you there. Some of these may naturally come into the discussion of your job. You want to make sure that if it does, that youre keeping those in mind and keeping those out of there. Some of these are more obvious than others. Dont say free fast cash. Maybe say, Please read more or This is an urgent need for our organization, and you will be able to increase this stuff and make money. Just dont oversell because thats going to trigger your sp am filter and lower your click rate. Always keep that in mind. These really can help make a difference in terms of hiring and driving the right traffic and the right people to your opportunity.Since its the holiday season, we actually just worked with a large organization on their hiring needs for their seasonal increase. They had 36 locations that they were trying to target across the country, and so they created 36 campaigns. It took about three hours to build these 36 messages. Once that was done, it sent out 20,000 emails, and it was automated to continue to send and to continue to use all those best practices that we looked at. It was 36 campaigns, but that covered 50 locations and jobs. Of those 20,000 emails that were sent, they saw about 2,000 clicks through those. So were looking at a 10 percent click-through rate, which is extremely high from a CRM perspective. The number of people that are actually engaging was over 10 percent. It drove that traffic to the advertisements that they had on their applicant tracking system. They chose to have that clear call to action to fill out the information. They were able to successfully bring in the right people to their organization and do that efficiently, because they had a way to send out these mass messages and attract those candidates. They could get people to engage with their company and want to work there. All being said, its important to think through the message that youre building, and to have the right tool in place. You can get to those candidates quickly, track whats happening, and have that thorough follow-up. You need to use a system that has that right matching technology, so that you can be successful with your hiring. What I want to do now is answer some questions. Nelson, do you want to give information on how they can submit questions? Yes, thank you. You can submit your questions using the chat feature located on your web platform.Phil, I just had a question come in through the chat, so Ill go ahead and answer that. The question here is how do I exclude candidates, or can I exclude candidates that Ive already reached out to? The answer is that theres actually a setting in there to exclude candidates that youve already messaged within the past week or the past month. As a recruiter, youre not hitting the same people over and over again, which gives you the ability to get to new people out of those millions of people in the database. Great question there. Another question that I just had here is what is the cost of utilizing this tool? Great question. When we look at the cost of using this tool, youll just want to work with your account manager, and they can pull together a quote for you. Its based on the number of messages that you want to send in your organization, and then the pricing is tiered from there. Its a matter of how many message you want to send, and then, as Andrew said, you buy those number of messages, and then you can choose the number of recruiters tha t you want to be able to access those messages.Another question that we have here is do I need a job posting to use this product? Great question, and the answer is no. You can actually use this product on its own. You dont even have to have resume search to use this. Its not dependent on your job advertisement or on your resume search. It is a completely standalone product. Now, keep in mind that being able to reach out to audiences through job advertisements is a great way to enhance your strategy. We always look it at as an and, not an or strategy. It is independent of that. As a follow up to that, when we say can we link back to our ATS, or do we have to that live posting? Because its completely independent, you dont have to have the live posting. You can link to anywhere you want. If you want to link to that job on your applicant tracking system or on your own career page, youre more than welcome to do that. If you want to not have a link, you dont have to put something in there . You can just say, Send me an email or Visit this page to learn more. Just keep in mind that the best practice is that you want to link them somewhere to have that call to action and to make sure that youre giving them the information that they need. Another question that we have here is for the words that cause the message to go to spam, are these words in the subject line or in the body of the email? Im going to go ahead and have Andrew answer that for you. Andrew, for those spam words, is it both, and whats the impact of that? There is a certain weighting to the subject versus body on how these words are being used. Primarily, its subject. So if you have these words in your subject, you have a very high chance of hitting the spam filter. They also look at the body. They do a parsing of the body to see if it includes some of those same messages, or rather some of those the same words and characters, but its not given as much weight. For instance, if you use multiple exclamation p oints in your body, a lot of times thats okay. They wont really ding you so much for that. However, if you use the term work from home in your body, theyre going to ding you on that more. There are certain words that are a little bit more acceptable to use in the body versus the subject. Ultimately, the right answer is, its hard to tell. The reason for that is because the different emails providers, like Google and Yahoo, they all have different algorithms as to what they consider spam and what they dont, as well as how much weight they give to a word in a subject versus the body. The best thing you can do is really when you create a CRM campaign, look at your open and click rate. If theyre below a level that you find acceptable, try to take some of those words out and see how it impacts your open and click rate. Ultimately, the only way to really know is to look at the result of a campaign and say, You know what, this is working compared to the previous campaigns that I ran, or You know what, this didnt really make much of a difference, so Im going to go ahead and continue to send using these words that Ive used. Great. Another question from the chat is whether the report of clicks based on any URL will be provided in the email. Andrew, do you want to answer that one as well? Sure. There are certain URLs that are provided in the email that do not come as part of the message that you provided. These are things like unsubscribe or changing their resume visibility preferences. These sorts of clicks do not count towards your click count. If you have included a link or multiple links in your message, regardless of which link they click on, its still going to count towards your click rate. You can have as many links as you want. Were going to interpret all of them in a certain way, and were going to actually be able to track all those clicks. Another thing to take into consideration on the URLs is that some URLs are extremely large. If you have a really long URL, s ometimes email providers will cut that down to be a certain character max per word. In which case, when they click on the link, it may not actually take the candidate to that location. We actually have a system where we convert the link into one thats much shorter and easier to click on, and easier to copy and paste. In doing so, when they visit that link, its then going to do a redirect and put in the full link so that you get the maximum number of responses or conversion to the actual page itself.Great. Thanks, Andrew. The question from the chat is how far back does the search hold candidate resumes? Right now, we look back about, I believe its three years. Thats about the same as all of our other resume search tools. We are actually looking at that going back a little bit further as well, so that you might see some of that coming in at a later point. We do have a very large team working on this product thats constantly throwing out new enhancements. Even if you saw this product o riginally when it launched in July, what you see now is probably completely different, given the fact that weve added so many great new features. Thats going to continue to be the case. The other thing worth mentioning is that with Talent CRM, you can search those private candidates. So if youre one of those folks that are having issues getting a large number of candidates to message, going back more years will sometimes do the trick. Accessing these additional 30 percent candidates may also help you. So if youre having that issue, this tool may actually be pretty effective for you.Another question that came in here is in creating a letter template, can you copy and paste from Word, or should I use Notepad and then paste into the message box? The answer there is that you can actually copy and paste directly from Word. It does include the ability to do rich text, so you could do bolding, colors, links, and those types of things in the system itself, which is a really great way to enh ance your message and drive engagement. Another question that we had come in here as well is will we be able to get a copy of the slides from todays webinar? The answer to that is absolutely. We will be sending out a communication and a follow-up to this. For everyone that is on the call, we will provide the slides in there for you. Well also make sure that your account manager reaches out to you as well, so that if you have any additional questions on pricing and how that would work at your own organization, theyd be more than happy to take you through it. That appears to be the end of all of the questions that have come through. I would like to thank everybody very much for all of your time today. If there is anything else that you need, feel free to reach out to your account manager, and theyll be happy to answer any questions or point you in the right direction. If you have any other additional questions, feel free to send those to me at and well make sure that we can get that accommodated. So again, thank you all very much and have a wonderful afternoon.

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Turns out most of us want to save the world, according to new survey

Turns out most of us want to save the world, according to new surveyTurns out most of us want to save the world, according to new surveyWhen An Inconvenient Truth hit movie theaters in 2006, words like environmentalism and sustainability were not at the forefront of peoples minds. But since then, cities have been overrun by pollution, natural disasters have devastated entire countries and rising sea levels have threatened the sheer existence of major metropolises.Amid all these signs of a changing earth, people have warmed up to the idea that corporate practices must change.A whopping 81% of global respondents feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment, reads a new report by Nielsen, a measurement and data analytics company.This growing desire for corporate accountability is most popular among millennials, but its attractive among older generations as well 72% of baby boomers and 65% of respondents who were 65 or older felt it was extremely or very important tha t companies introduce initiatives to benefit the environment.Sustainability and wellnessAwareness about personal wellness and global sustainability hit the mainstream around the saatkorn time, and Nielsens research seems to suggest the trends are linked. The report notes an intersection of healthy for me and healthy for we, represented by naturally flavored drinks and non-GMO snacks.Almost half of global consumers are open to paying more for high-quality products, including those that incorporate sustainable materials or are organic.At a time when Goop enthusiasts are willing to pay $85 for a medicine bag filled with organic crystals, none of this may come as a surprise. But in a culture thats all about self-betterment, its interesting that weve found a way to connect saving the world to saving ourselves.Developing countries lead the wayAn outcry for corporate interventionhas taken root around the world as our environmental crisis deepens. But in countries such as India, Colombia, a nd Mexico, where burgeoning markets mean serious pollution, its edging toward 100 percent of those surveyed.The Nielsen report attributes this increased consciousness to life-threatening consequences of environmental degradation. An estimated 12.6 million people die every year from environmental health risks. In some cities, smog blankets the landscape, and residents can hardly breathe.Its no wonder that the people who are more affected by a schwierigkeit would call for a solution - especially when their life may hang in the balance.

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5 Marketing Lessons Applied to Online Recruiting

5 Marketing Lessons Applied to Online Recruiting5 Marketing Lessons Applied to Online RecruitingWhether youre in the recruiting professional or simply in the market for a few good employees for your vacant positions, you know the impact that low unemployment numbers are having on the overall talent pool. Qualified applicants are fewer and further between and when you do manage to find that Goldilocks oh, just right kind of prospect, it ends up feeling like youre the one trying to make a good impression to woo them in the door.If youve been getting the distinct feeling that your search for new candidates has more in common with a abverkauf pitch than an interview process, youre not that far from the truth. In todays day and age its more important than ever that employers make and keep a great impression and who better to take a few lessons from than the world that focuses on the sell? Here are 5 marketing lessons that can and should be applied to online recruiting. Define Who You Are TargetingIf youre a denture adhesive company its pretty clear that your target audience isnt going to be 16-year-old girls. Your mission is to attract a clientele that is a bitolderand uses far less like yeahs in their Instagram selfie posts. The same can be said for an effective recruiting campaign. Start with a job description of required experiences, anticipated tasks, and any needed certifications and qualifications. Use this information to make a profile of a quality candidate. Once youve identified the type of person youre looking for itll make it that much easier to peruse various industry-specific job boards or networking sites targeted by your demographic. Know Your Target AudienceNow that youve got a roadmap to a successful new hire, its time to identify when and where than individual utilizes the internet. If youre looking for recent grads for an entry level opening, websites that cater to c-suite executives probably arent going to be your thing. Along similar lines, thos e in need of artistic or creative positions probably arent going to have as much luck on white-collar focused platforms such as LinkedIn or Bloomberg. In addition to going out and finding the individual candidates, savvy employers need to ensure that their job listings are doing the best job of bringing talent to them. Want to read more? Understand their motivations, the language they use, and speak to them in that same language. Simply Hired, recently delved into the keyword debate in our Lessons from the Word Cloud study. Use those takeaways and help ensure you have a job listing that accurately reflects the open position and the type of candidate youre in the market for. Craft a Clear, Compelling, and Consistent homilieWhen youre developing a brand, its vital to success that your consumers know they can come back time and again for the same consistent, quality product or service. The same logic can be applied to candidates during the interview process. As a recruiter or hiring ma nager, be sure that your pitch for the company or specific job listing remains consistent throughout the process. Stress the key values and perks of accepting a specific position in order to maintain a candidates interest. Finally, be sure to follow up the talk with specific actions during all stages of the interview process. Keeping a unified brand message in place will ensure quality candidates find value in your company. Put Your Message in Front of Your Target Audience Multiple TimesYouve probably heard some version of the age-old marketing axiom that it takes the average person 7-13 times to hear a slogan, commercial, or catchphrase and associate it with a given brand. The same type of repetition of a message can be applied to the recruitment process as well. Consistent follow up with candidates and outreach with specific prospects is one of the best ways to not only ensure a smooth hiring process but also ensure that a candidate feels appreciated for their skills and experienc es they bring to the table. Whatever form your recruitment plan takes, identify an ideal frequency or number of interactions per candidacy and build your points of contact (interviews, follow up, hiring applications) around that magic number. Track, Measure, and OptimizeThe last, but not least, lesson to be learned by recruiters from the world of marketing involves tracking your progress both on a micro and macro level. If youve recently changed, developed, or implemented a plan of attack for attracting quality candidates its important to keep stats to confirm your approach isnt working. This is an equally important task when it comes to evaluating a current approach to the hiring process.Key data points to analyze recruitment effectiveness may include stats such as average length of time from application to hire, the number of candidates who withdraw from the hiring process and, once hired, the average length of time your candidates remain on the job. If you see a less than desirab le outcome on these figures, its probably an indicator that something isnt working and changes are in order. Start over with 1 on our marketing vs recruiting list and wash, rinse and repeat your way to desired results.The Marketing Bottom LineIts clear to see that the marketing and recruiting worlds have much in common. Each field is dedicated to selling their value proposition to a target audience. Sure, you may want your new hire to be excited about designing shoes, rather than buying them, but the concepts are still universal. Take a page out of marketings well researched and developed textbook and follow our guidelines above in order to get a heads up on the competition for quality to add to your brand story.